NEW PROJECT provides customers with the total solution, with every stage of a job being carried out in-house. This is unique in the marketplace and has fueled ongoing growth within the company, ensuring maximum efficiency. And the company does not ‘lose interest’ in the project as soon as its equipment been successfully installed. On the contrary, it is fiercely proud of its maintenance and after sales service, which makes the company the ideal business partner.

NEW PROJECT understands that time is a very precious commodity, so the service it provides is designed to use up as little of it as possible. So whatever the problem – and wherever the problem – it will be sorted out quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Moreover, NEW PROJECT carries a large stock of genuine parts, manufactured to exacting standards. The company’s experienced team of parts specialists is able to advise on the best approach for replacement, whether for older or more current models. And this is true of both NEW PROJECT own brand and that of the products it imports from leading manufacturers around the world.