performs professional design of Food Service Facilities. We have a highly skilled team of designers and draftsmen with profound experience in the field. Our specialists will produce a complete layout of the facility taking into account the desired capacity, hygiene standards. Furthermore, our designers will select the best equipment for the facility and will define all utility connections for it.

Delivery& installation

Our delivery and installation team are professional and trained to the highest level. We provide door-to-door delivery always in time. We perform survey at the site before the installation to reach any Manufacturer’s and government’s requirements.  We are making sure that all of the mechanical points are suitable to connect particular piece of equipment in accordance with the manufacture’s .


Company offers comprehensive after-sales service for all equipment supplied and commissioned by the company. Our service can offer preventive maintenance programs and will quickly supply the customer with the required spare parts. We also offer customer-friendly technical support and emergency repair plans with round-the-clock availability of service personnel.